Enbridge Gas Notice to Builders and Contractors – Changes to Construction Heat Program – Effective January 1st, 2016

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Since 1992, En-Safe has been providing professional training and consulting services for several thousand companies in the ICI (Industrial, Commercial, Institutional), Construction, and Educational Sectors. En-Safe is a privately owned company conducting business in YOUR community and has trained over 3,000 companies.

En-Safe’s certificate courses are designed and approved by a Professional Engineer to meet or exceed legislative and industry standards and best practices. Generally, safety legislation is performance based. En-Safe strives to provide defensible training by ensuring that our clients receive adequate awareness training delivered by qualified instructors and a permanent record is kept. Please note, to meet legislative requirements, the employers may be required to provide additional job specific training.

Today’s fast-paced business climate has caused many companies to positively re-assess their commitment to the “Health and Safety” concerns of employees. It has long been recognized that environmental issues have a significant impact on the effective management of human resources, Yet recent statistics serve to underscore a need for the development of comprehensive training programs in the area of workplace safety. On a daily basis, workers are being exposed to hazards and potential dangers that are not familiar.

In response to our customers needs for “Training Programs”, En-Safe has adopted a policy of on-going progressive development of objective driven, dynamic, effective, scalable solutions which strictly adhere to an “engineered standard”. This approach has brought En-Safe to the forefront in the field of “Safety Training and Consulting Services”. Over the decades since its inception,
En-Safe has evolved into a premier provider of “Training Solutions” in our region, capable of satisfying the requirements of the most demanding clients. Whatever your needs are, from basic product awareness training for individuals, to detailed “Safety Program” development, implementation and management for large companies, En-Safe will work with you.

En-Safe offers a 100% money back guarantee

En-Safe’s Mission Statement

“Provide defensible training and increase the level of performance, insurance and knowledge for organizations”.

To See En-Safe’s Safety Broadcast Regarding Working at Heights (Click here to Download)