Have you ever wondered what your status is to having a great safety program? You’re Health and Safety Program is the foundation of Health and Safety in your workplace and we can help you. The 3 tools mentioned below can provide excellent direction. Simply speaking:

  • The assessment determines if you have all the health and safety elements,
  • The audit determines if all the elements meet legislative compliance; and
  • The analysis examines what may not be working and how to improve.

A Health and Safety Program Needs Assessment is the first step as we want to ensure you have the elements required. If you have none or quite a few missing, we will provide direction as to how to address the shortcomings (saving us both time and money).

If you do have most elements, we recommend performing a Health and Safety Program Audit so you can be assured your program is in compliance. If you have all the elements of a good health and safety program and you are legislatively compliant, you likely do not need to go any further, the exception being that you are not getting the results you want. This would point to having a Health and Safety Program Analysis conducted to determine why the program is not giving you the results you deserve. This intent is to analyze the elements that are not working and recommending how to address them and have a program fully compliant and working well.

Please contact ETS for further detail and we would be pleased to answer any questions.