Target Audience:

SafetyABC Accident Investigation and Reporting course is targeted for all individuals required to investigate accidents, prepare accident investigation reports or review the investigation or reports. Typical participants might include senior management, mid-management, line management or safety committees.

The intent of the course is three-fold:
• Conducting an effective investigation that results in corrective actions to prevent further accidents 
• Providing factual information for a required report; and 
• Ensuring all reporting requirements of the Ministry of Labour and of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board are met and completed.

The legislative requirements as prescribed under the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) and found in other regulations will be covered in detail. The course is designed to include theory (less than 60%), hands-on practical, and application to both the theory and practical. Training can be customized to include policies and procedures specific to your organization. ETS offers several levels of Accident Investigation and Reporting courses, for any business solution. For other alternatives, please go to SafetyABC.

Duration: 4 hours, typical stand-alone course


  • Legislation
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Preparation
  • Investigation
  • Reporting
  • Debriefing