Because participants effectively learn in various manners, En-Safe (1992) courses are designed to accommodate different learning styles; reading, being told, being shown, hands-on practical, repetition, making mistakes, and teaching back.

En-Safe (1992) courses are designed to include theory, hands-on practical, and application to both the theory and practical.

En-Safe (1992) has had a reputation of delivering a higher level of facilitated safety training than the industry standard since 1992. SafetyABC was formed in 2004, supplementing En-Safe (1992)’s training, because “Certificate Safety Training” was based primarily on performance-based legislation without legislative guidelines or standards to follow.

En-Safe (1992) will continue to specialize in facilitated safety training, primarily for workers performing work that puts them at higher risk. The training can be tailored and/or customized and is not transferable from Employer to Employer, and is typically of longer duration than the industry standard. Our philosophy is that it is better to train fewer better than to train many to a lower standard.

R. Craig Doran, P.Eng. is the founder and President of En-Safe, with more than 25 year’s full-time experience as a safety trainer and has personally trained over 2,000 organizations since 1992.  Craig is and will continue to be the primary trainer.