Target Audience:

En-Safe (1992) Lift Truck training is primarily targeted for experienced operators.

The course is designed to include theory (less than 25%), hands-on practical, and application to both the theory and practical. Training can be customized to include policies, procedures, and/or equipment specific to your organization.

Training is required to be conducted at the Client’s location – also known as On-Site training. The chosen location is required to represent a typical work area, loads, and tasks that the participant’s would normally encounter while operating the Lift Truck. The training consists of a tour of the Client’s facility or site, examining typical loads and tasks, and the hands-on practical is required to be conducted on the Client’s Equipment. The Lift Truck used for the practical is required to have a valid annual inspection.

ETS offers other levels of Lift Training, for any business solution. For other alternatives please go to SafetyABC.


  • Course typically 9 hours
    • Refer to SafetyABC for other alternatives

Design Criteria that may apply:

In addition to applicable legislation and CSA Z1001 (Occupational health and safety training) and ANSI® Z490.1 (ANSI Criteria for Accepted Practices in Safety, Health and Environmental Training):

  • CSA B335 – Safety Standard for Lift Trucks
  • ANSI B56 – B56 series of Lift Truck Standards


Is there a pre-requisite required?

Yes, participants are required to be experienced operators. Participants are required to demonstrate the operation of a lift. For those that are not experienced, they are welcomed, however the documentation and certificate will only note that they “attended” the course. There are other training alternatives for the Client, contact ETS for further details.

Is the training transferable from Employer to Employer?

No, En-Safe (1992) training is not intended to be transferable from employer to employer. Training is also typically tailored to participants needs and company policies.

Does the training qualify the participant to operate any Lift Truck?

No, the participant’s wallet card and certificate will identify the B335-15 CSA standard that is applicable, and also the associated class. The class is dependent on what equipment the hands-on practical was conducted on. Post-training application instruction may be required, even for equipment in the same class. This is clearly communicated to participants, and what is require to be completed.

I thought the training was 15 to 30 minutes, an hour, 2 hour etc.?

En-Safe (1992) conducts defensible training to meet the applicable Standards. It is not a legislative requirement to meet the CSAB354 standard with respect to training requirements, however we strongly recommend to do so. For alternatives, refer to SafetyABC.

Is the training acknowledged in other jurisdictions?

Since, the training does meet the CSA B335-15 standard, the training could be supplemented with post-training application instruction, applicable to the appropriate legislative jurisdiction, delivered by a Competent Person. Some restrictions may apply.

How long is the training valid for?

There is a 3 year recommended expiry.

Can the training be conducted at our location or on-site?

The training is required to be conducted at the Client’s location, which represents their typical work areas, loads, and tasks that the participants would encounter while operating the lift truck. En-Safe (1992) does not conduct open-enrollment lift truck training.

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